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Video 2: Bariatric Conversation Starters "Resources"

As Bariatric patients, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning stages. So much to remember. So much to learn. For many of us, it’s like learning to adapt all over again.

This doesn’t just apply to how we eat. It applies to every aspect of life. In this second video in the Turn Abouts (A Practice of Making Better Decisions), we encourage discussions of the importance of having great resources.

This is a great opportunity to share amongst each other (in group meetings), or brainstorm with your clients (in coaching sessions).

Here’s a video marker for your reference:

Turn Abouts

Bariatric Conversation Starters

00-00:25 Intro

00:26-1:18 Disclaimer & More About this series

1:18- 2:45 Intro to Scenerio “Resources”

2:46-3:57 Jay’s Dilemma

3:58-4:30 Discussion & Talking Points

4:31- 6:14 A few of our Favorite Resources

6:16- 6:21 Closing & Call to Action

These videos are brought to you by L.A.B. Work & Fitness (Life After Bariatrics) and founder Shenese Colwell as the product of the Impact Fund grant awarded in 2020😊 Please feel free to use these videos in your support groups, coaching sessions, and educational opportunities, to fuel conversations and help create positive, productive, and inclusive accountability for bariatric patients seeking long term success!

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