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Before or After (Part 2)

We’re following up with Carmen! How’s she doing? When people know you’ve had WLS/Bariatric Surgery, they tend to watch you to see how you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and if you’ll gain the weight back. That can truly suck! I mean it’s like they’re waiting for you to fail. Or so it may feel that way.

Carmen remembers that she is NOT alone on this journey and uses her resources! THAT has been a running theme throughout this series. As we close with this video, I encourage you to do the same… USE YOUR RESOURCES. The bariatric community is huge and there is no shortage of great help, fabulous support groups and forums, free content, and credible and qualified professional services. Go back and check out video 2 where we highlighted some of our favorites.

Use this Bariatric Conversation Starter to share and talk about what to expect or what you experienced with your support group or coach/client.

Feel free to use these videos in your support groups or coaching sessions. We'd love to hear your feedback! Let's talk about it!

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