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Weight A Minute! Are you connected?

A warm hello to my new followers and a welcome back to my existing followers. Head on over to Youtube (or IG) to view the newest episode of Weight A Minute! It's an introduction to all of the different platforms I'm using so that you'll always be able to connect with me. I'm sure one of these will be your "go to" resource.

I'm excited to push out more content to help you navigate this weight loss journey and to get around or through those "mind fields" that can sabotage your long term success. Make sure you connect, stay connected, and share with others. There's a lot to be said for accountability and having a community to relate to on this journey.

You don't have to do it alone. You were never meant to! Let's be L.A.B. Partners.

Life After Bariatrics, here to help you bridge the gap between weight loss surgery, fitness, and life long maintenance.

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