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Pop Up Fitness Class! Beats, Barres, & Bells!

Ready for a great workout experience that caters to ALL fitness levels!? Come out for our first pop up event! A fusion class taught by L.A.B. Work & Fitness', very own, Shenese Colwell! What is a Barre class? An extremely different kind of workout that is low impact and high intensity! Created to help you SCULPT, TONE, and STRENGTHEN. You'll experience a mix of Pilates, dance, strength training, and yoga set to hard beats and great music! You'll find yourself working all those tiny muscles you didn't even know you had and leave totally surprised at how impactful this low impact workout affects your body! Did I mention...It's intense and great for ALL fitness levels? Come for the workout and join us for the Juice "Barre" after!Let's make this a monthly event!

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