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WCW (WLS Crush Wednesday): Beverly

Our featured Weight-loss Crush Wednesday community member is Beverly! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Beverly’s non scale victory is one of my favorites! Read about her journey below.

When did you have your surgery?

- I had my surgery in June 2017.

Which surgery did you have?

- Gastric sleeve.

Why did you decide to have wls?

- I had the surgery because the weight was hard on on my knees making it hard to walk at times.

How has it changed your life?

- Losing the weight has help with low self-esteem, sometimes l still feel over weight.

Name one non scale victory/benefit of the wls that makes you happy.

- I love the way my husband looks at me.

What are your plans to maintain and stay accountable?

- I feel healthier and feel good.

Pay it forward by giving the wls community some great inspiration or advice!

- Stay true to yourself.

What an amazing journey! We love seeing the progress and hearing such positive outlooks. Thank you for continuing to motivate and inspire others.

Would YOU like to share you story and pay it forward? Send me your information and we’d love to share your journey.

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