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Gotta be accountable!

Well guys, these photos were taken about a month ago when I realized I've gotten a bit complacent. In my defense, this first year of marriage has been an adjustment period. Hubby is a foodie and I also started a new job which keeps me in overdrive! Not making excuses though. Planning has to kick into high gear at this point! I'm back on track and while I'll never allow myself to get back up to 250, I have reset my personal goals so that I can get back on focus. Progress pics and putting myself out there are ways that I keep myself accountable. Everyone has their own method. As a trainer, I want you to see ME in every facet of my journey! Losing the weight with weight loss surgery is NOT the hard part, keeping the weight off and maintaining is the challenge! Let's do this together! How do you keep yourself accountable?

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