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Thanks for the Support!

Sooooo...I posted pics of my juice/detox on my IG page and the company (Squeezed Online) saw it. I was entered in their photo of the week contest on their website. Thank you to my clients, family and friends for their generous support! You guys went to the site and voted for my photo and I won! Thanks to you, I received an e-gift card to Squeezed Online which will certainly help with my 2018 goal of juice cleansing/detoxing every month for the rest of the year.

I loved my first juice cleanse experience and I'll be ordering a la carte for my future cleanses. The best part, for me, is that they have now opened a store here in Houston. I can go in store and pick up instead of paying to have my order delivered. If you decide to try juice cleansing/detoxing, check out Squeezed Online! You can visit and order through their website at or if you're in Houston, Texas, stop by their store located at 3253 Southwest Freeway. They're hours of operation can be found on their website. They will soon have stores opening in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

Please list my name as a referral in the check out section! I'd greatly appreciate the points! I look forward to supporting you as much as you continue to support me!

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