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Let's be L.A.B. Partners!

L.A.B. Work & Fitness is focused on fitness and a healthy overall lifestyle! L.A.B. stands for Life After Bariatrics and while my passion is helping pre and post weight loss surgery clients get the most out of their experience and weight loss journey, I ultimately enjoy helping any and everyone who has an interest in getting active, healthy, and strong. 

The goal is to help you to develop great habits that promote and create an incorporation of fitness in your life consistently and/or daily. This is the key to maintaining and reaching better health and a stronger body! You have that body for a lifetime, and guess what? Maintenance doesn't stop, it's a life long journey. Let's be accountable, let's be L.A.B. partners!


What is bariatric coaching?

  • A personalized one-on-one session between you and your coach to help you set goals, take control, and master the things that will help you become accountable and successful
  • A space for you to be open and self-reflect without judgement An opportunity for you to focus on YOU and make time for self-care.
  • A platform or environment that will help you recognize and tackle road blocks and obstacles that contribute to keeping you from reaching your goals.
  • A place to deal with all things bariatric and how your thoughts and feelings contribute to how your journey and maintenance

How does L.A.B. Work & Fitness deliver bariatric coaching?

  • Book a session through our calendar and select your method of contact for you session. We offer sessions by video chat (Zoom/FaceTime), by phone, in person (Houston or Cypress Texas areas only), at various times and days on Monday through Saturday.
  • You can book a coaching session for as little as 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour blocks.

How do I book a bariatric coaching session?

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