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Coming soon to podcast! L.A.B. Work & Fitness is dedicated to connecting with you and reaching you wherever you are! (Figuratively and literally) Join us in October as we begin a series of podcasts dedicated to all things fitness, weight loss surgery, maintenance, guest and inspirational guest spotlights, nutrition, and fun informative chat sessions. Stay tuned and be sure to follow and share! Maintenance is a lifelong journey! Let's be L.A.B. partners!

One size fits all?

Let's face it, fitness is NOT fun for everyone. I used to envy those people who were always excited about working out. Those people who spend countless hours in the gym, or worse those who are bright eyed and perky, anxious to get in the gym at the crack of dawn. Okay, so I understand their excitement...I feel the same way when I pull up to my favorite coffee spot. For most of us, exercise is seen as a necessary evil. Not a very positive commentary, coming from a fitness trainer, right? There's a saying, "find something you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life..." Well fitness is the same way, find something you truly enjoy and that gives you the workout you need to optimize y

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